Cervical cancer Prevention Programme

(Sponsor – IARC / WHO/ TMC)

Eligible women living in 502 villages under 52 primary healthcare centre units in 4 Talukas (an administrative structure in the district) of Osmanabad district in Maharashtra State, Central India, have been randomized to receive one of the above interventions or to be part of a control group. Approximately 35,000 women each in groups 1-3 will receive VIA, Cytology and HPV testing, respectively over a period of 30 months. Women with positive screen tests will be further investigated for cervical pre-cancer/cancer and treated. Women in the ‘control’ group will receive health education on cervical cancer. The objective of this study is to evaluate the reduction in incidence of cervical cancer associated with the intervention as compared to the control group.

A large infrastructure consisting of laboratories for cytology, histopathology, HPV testing, mobile screening clinics, diagnostic and treatment facilities such as colposcopy, Cryotherapy and LEEP, a population-based cancer registry to monitor cancer incidence in the Osmanabad district, and computers for data management, has been established.