Dr. B.M. Nene
MD,MRCP(UK), FRCP(London),
Founder Chairman

  • Dr. Nene obtained the highest medical qualifications available in this country and abroad in U.K. in 1971. In spite of very lucrative offers of jobs in America and U.K. he decided to come back and settle in his native town Barshi.. He noticed lack of facilities for cancer diagnosis and treatment and began modest effort in that direction. He has worked beyond his specialty and beyond the care of duty. with the help of board of director, and friends Tata Memorial Centre, Mr. Sunil Dutt,and Dr. P.B. Desai, he established “Nargis Dutt Memorial Cancer Hospital” at Barshi and started sucussesfuly research and relief activity
  • Even at the age 75 years, he is tirelessly working in this field and for all this, no remuneration in the form of salary, fees, honorarium has ever been received by him. Cancer work has been a mission, vision and passion for him.