Our Research Areas & Achievements

Our Drug Development Projects

  • Phase I clinical trials
  • Bioequivalence studies
  • Development of novel paclitaxel formulations
  • Development of radioimmunoconjugates for lymphomas and breast cancer

Percentage Survival of B16 F10 tumor bearing BDF1 mice on PSNP and Taxol® treatment

Repositioning drugs / Development of botanicals

  • Bhasmas
  • Chlorophyllin for radioprotection
  • Curcumin for prevention of mucositis in BMT
  • Withaferin-A (from Ashwagandha) for use in cancer

Translate our work for clinical use

  • TDM of imatininb, 13-cis-RA, 6-MP and MMF

Encourage generic substitution to minimize cost

Further development of curcumin

  • Radiation induced mucosistis
  • Larger trial in BMT for prevention of mucositis

Clinical development of paclitaxel formulations