Sai Baba Trust

As part of its initiatives to help out the poor and needy people, the Shri Saibaba Sansthan Trust at Shirdi in Maharashtra today offers a special medical treatment for the people from rural areas. Over 6,094 heart surgeries are performed within a year at the Saibaba Sansthan’s Super Specialty Hospital. Today, it has become a major support for medical treatment for farmers, farm laboures, and workers of the rural area. In 2006, the Saibaba Santhan Trust constructed the hospital equipped with advanced technology for the welfare of people from rural areas. Today, the Super Specialty Hospital holds the distinction of being the fourth such hospital of its kind to have high standard machines. It has various departments like heart, ophthalmology, eye, orthopedics, dentistry, plastic surgery, general surgery, nuero-surgery and many others are functional here. General patients are charged reasonable fees. Besides, about a thousand patients are treated at the Sainath Hospital of Saibaba Santhan Trust. The patients having problems related to brain, kidney, cancer, or requiring bypass surgery get a financial assistance up to Rs. 20,000. The hospital also provides three dialysis machines, two artificial respirators, line cure system for dental department, ultra sonic scale, baby incubator. It also offers medical service for the physically disabled or handicapped and organizes eye-testing and operation camps absolutely free of cost. Saibaba Santhan Trust has also set up its blood bank having all facilities. It attends to the needs of the poor for blood at reasonable rates. Dr. Dharmadhikari is one of the heart specialists, who has the distinction of having operated 47 patients of angiography, angioplasty and installation of balloon in 24 hours, at this super specialty hospital which was a world record. The initiative is being carried out under the supervision of Chairman of Shri Saibaba Santhan Trust and MLA Jayant Sasane, Vice Chairman Shankarrao Kolhe, Executive Officer Kishor More, Medical Director C. S. Bobade and Medical Superintendent Asha Pendase.

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